Lead up to QRCA Symposium: Pure. Rare. Eternal. How Qualitative Research made a World of Difference for Platinum

How qualitative usability research helped preciousplatinum.com succeed with diverse consumer targets and local marketing partners worldwide.


Securing a spot on the program for the 2011 Symposium on Excellence in Qualitative Research (May 12th in Chicago, sponsored by the Qualitative Research Consultants Association) requires a recent real-world case experience where qualitative has “made a difference” in the client’s business.

In their upcoming Symposium presentation, Platinum Guild International and their qualitative partner, UK-based QRi Consulting, will show how hands-on website usability research in Japan, China, and the US made rapid, demonstrable differences on multiple business fronts.

Based on insights from the research, the global web development team found clear, user-friendly ways to replace previously fractionated country-by-country internet efforts with a multi-language, multi-cultural global site supporting the brand’s “Pure, Rare, Eternal” global platform — with enthusiastic support from local marketing teams worldwide.

What’s more, traffic has grown significantly as more users spend more time engaging more deeply with the new preciousplatinum.com site.

“Because our regional marketing teams in China, Japan, and the US were directly involved in the usability research process in their markets, they felt confidence and a sense of ‘ownership’ in the final site design, since their specific concerns about local cultural differences and nuances were clearly understood and addressed.” Huw Daniel, President, PGI USA, NYC, and Anna Freeman, Marketing Manager, PGI, London

On May 12th, Huw Daniel, Platinum Guild International USA President, and Simon Patterson, QRi Consulting, will share the steps they took to maximize the global value of this qualitative research effort at the Symposium on Excellence in Qualitative Research.

Huw Daniel & Simon Patterson

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2 Responses to “Lead up to QRCA Symposium: Pure. Rare. Eternal. How Qualitative Research made a World of Difference for Platinum”

  1. Susan Abbott says:

    April 20th, 2011 at 9:58 am

    I’ve never really understood precious metals marketing, so this will be an interesting session to hear. Plus a complicated international project to boot… did you find lots of differences internationally?

  2. Simon Patterson says:

    May 5th, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Yes it certainly was fasinating and we are really looking forward to sharing it with everyone on the 12th, See you in Chicago!

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