Announcing the Spring 2011 Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT)

Posted by Kristin Schwitzer Friday, April 22, 2011 1:24

The Spring 2011 GreenBook GRIT report is now available and includes learning on current industry trends, with a first time look at the future and the role of innovation in the market research industry

I am pleased to announce the release of the Spring 2011 edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT)!



After 8 years, GRIT is the leading and most comprehensive survey of our industry, and we believe that taking our own pulse has never been more important.  For this iteration, we continue to track all the trends in the industry on which we have traditionally focused, however we have made a strategic decision to turn our sights to the future.  Our goal with this edition is to offer insights into innovation in the market research industry, into the pace of new technology adoption, into which companies are leading the industry forward, and into what the industry may be like in the future.  We think we met and exceeded these goals with the help of our sponsoring partners and most importantly, participants in the study.

Sponsors of the report include Market Research Global Alliance, Next Gen Market Research, Infosurv, iCharts, Interviewing Service of America, Surveys & Forecasts, LLC, StrategyOne, OnePoint Mobile Surveys, Anderson Analytics, the FTO, Brand3Sixty, and LMC Group.  These wonderful partners have been invaluable major contributors in myriad ways and this initiative would be far poorer without them!


The report can be accessed at


In the report, you will read about a market research industry undergoing systemic and tactical change at a pace expected to accelerate. Whether that change is welcomed as opportunity or resisted as a threat depends to a large extent on age.  Younger researchers with less experience in “the old ways” are confident they can adapt, while older researchers (with some highly notable exceptions) see their professional world and some of their professional standards cast aside as irrelevant or even damaging.

Some of the highlight findings contained in the report include:

  • The major structural and systemic changes being faced by those in the marketing research industry
  • Despite a backdrop of professional pessimism, anticipated levels of future research spending are actually favorable
  • The Top 50 market research firms perceived to be innovative
  • Gaps between Suppliers and Buyers, tenure in the industry, age of respondents and geographic location exist when it comes to emerging technology adoption
  • Social media, mobile, MROCs and text analytics are the newer techniques most likely to be used in the foreseeable future
  • Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology is certainly important to both clients and suppliers, but the business relationship itself – personal service, responsiveness, and attentiveness – rises to the very top of the list of decision-making criteria

In years past, thousands of global industry professionals have downloaded this report, and findings have been cited at industry events, in numerous industry journals and in academic publications.  This year the results will be part of the keynote address at the IIR Technology Driven Market Research event in May and will be reported on in several webinars and leading blogs.

We welcome any feedback you can give, and we hope that you find value in the effort and that the insights offered in the report are pertinent and actionable to you.

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